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Bali Hotels Guide To Choose Bali Hotels
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Bali Hotels And The Types Of Hotel

Bali Hotel Types

There are hotels all over Bali in one form or another, but the greatest concentrations are in the main tourist cities in the south of the island. When searching for a hotel in Bali it’s first very important to make sure that’s what you are, in fact, looking for. On the island, and also for the purposes of this guide, accommodations in Bali are divided into four main categories.

Guesthouses – These are the cheapest places to stay and are usually quite basic. You’ll often be renting a room adjacent to a home, although especially in Kuta Beach and Ubud there are large freestanding buildings that call themselves guesthouses. A room in a guesthouse will typically have cheap and basic local furniture, a fan, something resembling a bathroom, and not much else. Prices start around US$5 so you wouldn’t expect much luxury.

Hotels – A place calling itself a hotel will generally be a complex of adjacent rooms with outdoor entrances, similar to motels in the United States. They can range to almost as basic as guesthouses all the way up to expensive international resorts. The majority of them are in the middle of this range, and as the price goes up the more likely the room will have air-con, a TV, and a small fridge. Especially during the wet season, Bali can be stifling hot, even at night. If you are sensitive to humidity you should probably find a hotel with air-con if you are coming during the rainy season.

Resorts – A resort in Bali can be a small, upscale hotel with attractive grounds in a small town, or an international hotel chain with every imaginable luxury available for a price. Most of the latter kind are concentrated in Nusa Dua at the southern tip of Bali, but a few are near Kuta and elsewhere on the island. If a “resort” in Bali charges under $100 per night it’s very likely a local version since the international chains tend to be in a price category above that.

Villas – Bali has many large houses on landscaped grounds with swimming pools or other luxuries included. Many of these are rented by the night or the week, and prices can range from reasonable to unbelievable, depending on the specifics.
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